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I had the honour of wearing my wedding dress handmade by Naomi. Naomi's professionalism and art is beyond world class. 


Vanessa CB




After over seven years of creating bespoke dresses for all occasions, this season sees the launch of the much anticipated Naomi Deru Bridal collection.

Our 2020 collection of wedding dresses has been created for a contemporary bride with a modern take on style and silhouettes and every single piece bearing the Naomi Deru Bridal label is handcrafted from scratch at our design studio in Rochester, Kent. 
Each wedding gown is impeccably tailored, showcasing a flattering fit, perfectly executed hand embroideries, shimmering embellishments, and beautiful details.
Visit our showroom to view our collection of dresses. Here we will begin to create ideas for your dream wedding dress.

At each fitting from then on, the Naomi Deru Bridal team will be present to ensure that each step towards the big day is perfect. Each fitting will be a special occasion with you and your party, with refreshments provided in a great atmosphere.

Quality finishes and attention to detail is paramount as is the use of luxury contemporary fabrics and trimmings.
We look forward to welcoming you at our studio.



As all of our dresses are individually designed and custom made there are no set prices. Our bespoke bridal designs start from £1,800,  final price depend on the style and fabrics that you choose.

For a personal quote please contact me to arrange a consultation so we can discuss your requirements further.

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