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I had the honour of wearing my wedding dress handmade by Naomi. Naomi's professionalism and art is beyond world class. 


Vanessa CB




Naomi’s  passion for design started when she was very young; her mother ran a fabric business selling beautiful bright textiles and Naomi would often go to the fabric shop on the weekends to help out. As the family business developed, a dressmaking department would be formed and Naomi’s fascination for dressmaking emerged. She would often sneak off to the dressmaking area and watch the team of artisans craft amazing, flamboyant dresses from rolls of intricate embroidered, beaded and lace fabrics, this has provided her with much of the inspiration you see today.
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs it was almost natural to go straight into business and soon after graduating from the prestigious University of the Creative Arts, London in 2012, designer Naomi Deru launched her dressmaking atelier creating dresses for all occasions.

After over seven years of creating bespoke occasional-wear, 2020 sees the launch of the much anticipated REVIVE collection, which was founded on the desire to serve the modern bride.
Skilfully handcrafted from scratch in her Kent studio, every single piece bearing the Naomi Deru label embodies a refined sense of sophisticated minimalism and femininity with the use of clean, sculptural lines and classical elements.
Visit our showroom to  view our collection of  wedding dresses. Here we will begin to form ideas for your dream wedding dress.

At each fitting from then on, the Naomi Deru Bridal team will be present to ensure that each step towards the big day is perfect. Each fitting will be a special occasion with you and your party, with refreshments provided in a great atmosphere.

Quality finishes and attention to detail is paramount as is the use of luxury contemporary  fabrics and trimmings.

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