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Happy is an understatement! The dresses are beautiful, even better than what I had imagined!


Noella Lahai-Taylor




At the initial consultation with Naomi you will discuss your design ideas as well as look over fabric samples, colours and trimmings. Whether you have something specific in mind or not, Naomi will help to formulate and develop your ideas as well as advise you on the best fabrics to use. The first consultation is £25 and usually takes between 45-60 minutes, if you decide to proceed with an order this cost will be deducted from your dressmaking fee.
We will look at all of our favourite inspirations for your dress-to-be.  Drawing upon curated inspiration images and expert advice, we’ll have a lot of fun editing down our choices. Together, we will brainstorm the dress design that will become the perfect fit for you!
After our consultation, we will collate everything we’ve discussed in order to ultimately determine your design, the construction of your design, and what it should cost. We will compile everything into a Design Proposal, which contains hand-drawn sketches, inspiration images, and a detailed written description of what will be included in your custom dress. This proposal will be presented to you via e-mail along with our terms and conditions. 



In order for production to commence we will require a 50% deposit of the total cost of your garment. We will continue to brainstorm, fine-tune and discuss any changes* you might still want before we begin draping and drafting patterns.


An extensive set of measurements will be taken at this stage. 

**All orders are final sale and are non-refundable


If the garment is complicated a toile (mock-up of your design) will be made out of an inexpensive fabric for the first fitting. 



If we have chosen to create a toile we will have our first fitting using the toile. We will adjust, cut, pin and draw all over the mock-up to fine tune the design of the dress and how it relates to your figure.


Designs created straight onto the fabric also go through the same process. Generally one fitting is needed before collection. However, depending on the complexity of the dress, you may require two or three more fittings to ensure a perfect fit.


Once your dress is complete, it will be wrapped in a custom box or garment bag for final pickup or delivery.  


We offer a Wedding Day Dressing Service for Brides where possible. This helps to eliminate unwanted stresses on the morning of the Wedding and ensures our Brides look their very best. At peak season their Saturdays are limited so please provide as much notice as possible if this service is wanted. 

For more information on the process involved for specific orders please email or contact us via the form below.


Our designs are priced individually based on complexity of design, fabric choices, hand sewn applications and details. Estimates can be provided prior to consultation followed by accurate quotes after the consultation meeting. All quotes are inclusive of VAT. Deposit of 50% (non-refundable) is required to secure order. 


Book a design consultation today and start to create your dream dress. 

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